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Updated: May 6, 2018

If the thought of an apartment lacking a washer/dryer, in-building gym and nest cam make you feel queasy, wait till you see these delightful rentals from a bygone era. We scoured the archives to bring you old newspaper classifieds renting out the latest in home tech and comfort. Whip out your Bonomo Turkish Taffy and Cracker Jack here are a few of our very favorites!

A Renter's Pipe Dream

In the 1859, a luxurious new trend came surfing in on the waves of chance for some lucky residents of Kauai. Bye bye tropical rains and flowing waterfalls, if you're a serious renter you'd be a fool not to jump on water provided directly from government laid pipes. Source

All the Bells and Whistles

In 1889, the US welcomed Washington as it's 42nd state. It's also the year that this Saint Paul, Minnesota home featured the latest in home luxury and excess. Speaking tubes and electric bells throughout, and at just $45 a month it's an absolute steal! For reference that would be about $1120 in today's currency, but did we mention it has speaking tubes and electric bells...splurge a little will ya?!?! Source

A Real Smoke Show

The year is 1820, you're a successful mover and shaker in Petersburg, Virginia and your friends say you have a knack for the culinary arts. Well, this dwelling house is the one for you my friend...up on a hill away from the hustle and bustle of business, yet in the central part of town it comes with its very own smoke house and stable - so a rack of ribs is always just a stone throw's away (sorry, did we take that one too far?). Source

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