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The Government Shutdown’s Effect on Renters

No doubt by now, you’ve been brought up to speed on the longest US government shutdown in history, as both sides of the isle jockey for position on the president’s border security policy. How does the absence of this all-encompassing umbrella of federally paid people affect us all? Where do we begin? Well, with renters, for starters.

First, let’s touch on the how.

The federal organization called the Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) subsidizes low income renters all across the US. “For most of these tenants, the absence of subsidy means they’ll be facing a doubling or tripling of their normal rent payment,” said Douglas Rice, a senior policy analyst at The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. The center goes on to say that HUD assists some 1.4 million households directly, via landlord rent subsidies.

Now the who.

It’s a sobering realization that federal workers are not the only ones affected by this shutdown. The collateral reach of this domestic standoff directly threatens these low-income & elderly folks receiving HUD assistance. Below is a letter warning HUD subsidized tenants that they will be responsible for the government’s portion of their rent.

Exactly how does this all fit together?

Elderly tenants rely on a Section 202 voucher, a subsidy program for low-income seniors. Linda Couch, vice president of housing policy at LeadingAge, says that 1/5 of the 400,000 seniors covered are over 85.

The National Low Income Housing Coalition mapped the expired and soon to be expired HUD contracts to highlight the impact the shutdown is having on low income renters.

How bad might the fallout be?

Eric Johnson is the executive director of the Oakland Housing Authority which manages approximately 550 project-based properties on behalf of HUD. "I'm more concerned about them ending up going into foreclosure and bankruptcy on these properties than I am really about them evicting residents," Johnson said.

Banks lend a hand:

Some financial institutions have begun to pitch in and offer to help. Chartway Federal Credit Union, for one, has announced to it's members that it intends to offer furlough loans. Some of their proposed packages include:

90-Day Loan Deferral:

  • 1.99% APR up to 12 months

  • Up to 2 months net pay, maximum loan amount not to exceed $6,000

  • 90 days to first payment due date

0% APR Personal Loan:

  • 0% APR for 3 months

  • Maximum loan amount $2,500

  • Loan due in full 90 days from open date

Want Action? Call Your Senator.

It's easy to squeeze around, or just flat out ignore an email. Actually calling your senator is much more likely to stimulate quick results. First, you'll need to find out who your senators are and how you can reach them. That's where this cool online Senate directory list comes into play. Just choose your state and you'll be given to the name, address, website, and phone numbers of your two state senators.

We're With You

Whichever side of the isle you identify with, we here at LIVV surely hope that this crisis ends soon and let's those affected by the shutdown breathe some much needed relief.

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Source credit: CNBC, Diane Yentel, Chartway Federal Credit Union

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