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LIVV Partners with Nafca Brand UX / UI

Today's apartment rental experience is outdated, cumbersome, and infinitely frustrating; just take a look at these real-time tweets. Apartment seekers demand an easier more personalized way to find a home that fits their needs and supports their unique lifestyle preferences. That's why LIVV.co is infusing a healthy dose of silicon valley magic into the dusty old real estate space with its digital apartment search assistant powered by AI.

But amazing tech alone is not enough. That's why today, LIVV is teaming up with Nafca digital design agency to bring users a visual experience as intuitive and groundbreaking as the underlying tech it's building. Together, the firms are reimagining how apartment search should look and feel. They're throwing convention to the wind, and innovating from the ground up with the common belief that the future of apartment rentals is rooted in simplicity, swiftness, and end-to-end white glove assistance.

About LIVV

LIVV is the world's first AI powered real estate agent designed to help you find and rent the perfect apartment, condo, or home quickly and effortlessly. Tell LIVV your housing and lifestyle preferences, and it will deliver strong matches, help you stand out, and lease that perfect new home. Let your next apartment find you at LIVV.co

About Nafca

The Nafca group is a partnership between Ron Navon, and expert in branding and UI, and Hila Leizerovich, an expert in strategy and UX. Together they developed a full service digital agency that helps startups turn their idea into reality. Learn more at nafca.co.il

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LIVV is the world's first AI powered apartment search assistant that's making it easier than ever to find & rent your ideal apartment, home or condo. Using advanced artificial intelligence, LIVV is able to understand home seeker preferences & analyze housing inventory the same way a human agent would - providing smart matches instantly.


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