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Horrid Interior Designs You Just Can't Unsee

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Congrats, you’ve finally found your dream apartment and now you need to put your own personal spin on the new space. Time to put on your design hat...or fedora...or maybe a chic, giant brimmed Kentucky Derby hat with a little fascinator hanging off the top, whatever works. We’re pretty sure ours is something along the lines of an Abe Lincoln stovepipe topper, but we digress...

While there are certainly many tasteful, practical, and efficient methods to design your space (which we included at the end of this article), the following examples sit on the extreme polar opposite of that concept. LIVV.co presents to you an all-star assortment of the worst design ideas on earth.

Sit back, tense up, and get ready to cringe. Here we go!

First up...Imagine delicately navigating the intricate Victorian lace, as it teases your ankles and tickles your feet, resting your tired frame against the back of the toilet, and having the pointy leaves of the whatever plant tussle and play with your hair. You deserve this.

Why did ‘hyperventilating’ people in the movies always get a paper bag handed to huff and puff precariously into? Well friends, take a look at this living room and let us know.

Sometimes great space design isn’t just about creating chic, provocative visual appeal. It’s about waking up in the morning and looking downstairs into the grinning face of the grim reaper himself. That’s a nope from us.

Out of the entire house, he was most proud of his grand sitting room, where he displayed his Nanna’s precious couch set, his depression era wall plates, the table he grew tired of and just threw a sheet over, and his prized oil on canvas entitled “Karen’s drunk again”.

Okay, it seems we made a mistake including this on our list. This is actually a legit photo of one of our righteous meeting rooms here at LIVV. This is where we hash out ideas, wear out keyboards, max out RAM, and aspire to rental search greatness. We can’t even tell you how many liters of kombucha and Red Bull have been ingested in this room. You wouldn’t believe us anyway.

This room has it all. Need to use the potty? No prob. Want to freshen up with a quick bidet? Boom. How about a comfy chair to catch up on some Hemingway? Bazinga. Incredibly large feed and water bowls for my horse beast sized pet? Check.

The funny thing is that if you take all this furniture out, the room itself isn’t all that bad. Feels kind of like Delia Deetz from Beetlejuice broke into this room, made that little gun shape with both hands, and walked around this room going “pew-pew-pew”, while her movers dropped these fabulous pieces in the exact spots, on command.

Oh, ancient, wise ceiling fan, you fought valiantly over the years to keep your proud blades rigid and taut, providing much needed airflow to the thousands of games of beer pong and horrid choices in wall colors. Rest now, sweet prince. You were the best we’ve ever known

“Sacre bleu! Zis’ bethtub ees horribel! I vill fight no more, thees day, mon ami. I jus’ laay and die.”

Sometimes you have to just shrug your shoulders and put your best foot forward, knowing that you did your best. Heck, at least there’s a subwoofer in there somewhere. Kind of evens it all out, really.

And now - something to put your retinas at ease

Alas, it seems we’ve come to the end of our list of horrible design ideas for your rental space. If you’re keen to avoid these missteps, some ideas and lists for the better can be found below. Also, LIVV's AI powered rental search bot is no stranger to finding spaces with smart design. Just describe your dream home, and we’ll get to work combing through thousands of listings and sending you the best ones, so you won’t have to!

How about a list of the 10 best free 3D home design sites? Here’s one showing you the best kinds of plants to propagate for apartment living, without dropping a cent. Small space design ideas? How about 30 of them? Here’s a nice design checklist for recent college grads looking to move into their first rental. What assortment of helpful design topics could be complete without a source for ready-to-install secret, hidden doors?

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