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Horrid Interior Designs You Just Can't Unsee - Part 3

Well here we go again, with our tasteful list of coveted design ideas that really spice up the search for a great rental property. In case you missed it, you can catch up on part 1 and part 2 of this world renowned series (we made that up).

We humble folks over at LIVV.co like to boast that our AI powered rental search app can steer you clear of these rental listing nightmares. All we do is search for apartments, houses, and condos for rent, and we do it for free. Let that sink in.

Without further ado, we present to you the final installment of the ground breaking trilogy (so modest, right?) - horrid interior designs you just can’t unsee.

There’s just a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ about this one, we can’t seem to put it into words. Kind of feels like we want to pour out a heavy tumbler of single malt, warm up a nice batch of haggis, and crack open an old, leather-bound poem book of Lord Byron.

If a friend invited you to a sleepover and you walked in and saw this, you would likely die . . . . . FROM HIGH FIVING! This is actually awesome, and far from horrid. Just threw this one in here to mix things up.

Oh, let me just traipse into my spacious living room and sit atop my GIANT MUMMIFIED CAT SCULPTURE, no big deal.

First off, we’re just going to pretend whatever’s happening in the left frame of this picture is not happening. Then we are going to try and overlook the fact that there appears to be a broom holding a sheet over an unviewably evil picture, of what is probably Vigo the Terrible from Ghostbusters 2. Nope, not even going to acknowledge that there is a pleather cover on that pool table. One thing we will not ignore, however, is the bite taken out of that bar of soap. Barbarians!

You’ve seen vehicle wraps right? Why not house wraps? Sometimes you just need to let your neighbors know you’re “bout that life”.

We’re not mad at this at all. Pretty sharp. Makes us imagine Neo and Morpheus sitting down to a nice dinner of field grouse and sauteed parsnips, but instead of rocking all black and combat boots, they’re sporting Tom’s and wearing muted tones of khaki, light brown, and white - sitting in dead silence, with their sunglasses on, of course. Wow, that escalated quickly. What were we talking about again?

Now the good stuff

Well, it seems we’ve come to the end of our part 3 list of horrible design ideas for your rental space. If you’re keen to avoid these missteps, some ideas and lists for the better are below. Our AI powered bot at LIVV is no stranger to searching for rental spaces with smart design.

Just tell us about your dream home, and we’ll get to work combing through thousands of listings and sending you the best ones, so you won’t have to.

We stay on top of everything in apartment and home rental search, including pet tips, patio design, design trends, and even how much rent you can afford.

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