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Updated: Feb 24, 2019

In his spare time, our CTO Alon Tam spends time mentoring aspiring programmers and computer scientists to develop their skills and achieve new heights in their careers. Here are a few words directly from Alon about his experience as an instructor at ITC.

ITC opens two five-months long classes a year. Applicants who meet the minimum requirements have to take a written screening test and those who pass the test get admitted. Students join the program from around the world (mostly from the US, France, and Israel, but also from the UK and Russia), which makes for a unique learning experience for both the students and the instructors.

As to my role, I am an instructor at ITC, teaching backend development, as well as general Computer Science topics (such as data structures, efficiency, algorithms, etc). I prepare the teaching materials, give the frontal lecture and support students after class. Working closely with my equivalent teaching web development, we provide our students with in-depth understanding of the language, frameworks, problem solving best practices and design approaches, enabling students to develop professional-level projects, from the ground up. I also help prepare students for job interviews (from presenting oneself and communicating with the interviewer, down to dealing with abstract logic questions).

Considering my background as an instructor in one of IDF's technological units, I'm glad to have been given the opportunity to marry two of the thing I love doing the most: teaching and technology, helping to alleviate the ever growing shortage in quality software developers along the way :)

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About ITC

Israel Tech Challenge is an expert-driven Israel experience connecting Jewish students and young professionals with tools and networks meant to enrich or launch their careers in the computer science industry. The project gives students the ability to learn from leading Israeli industry players and academics, combining inspiration and networking with actual hands-on cooperation on research and development projects. Applicants must be between 18 and 30 and have finished high school by the time their trip begins. Learn more about ITC

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