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6 Rental Nightmares - Ranked from Bad to Downright Horrendous - LIVV

Updated: May 6, 2018

If you're still renting the old fashioned way, the only thing standing between loving and hating your new apartment is...LUCK. Let's face it, you have no idea if your new landlord will be responsible and responsive or a slumlord with an email that bounces each time you have a maintenance request; if your neighbor will be your next best friend or a chain smoking insomniac who blasts Nine Inch Nails to fall asleep; or whether you'll be bunking up with that cutie in Apt #8, or with a bunch of creepy crawlies from beneath your baseboards. Only time will tell (unless of course you're using LIVV to take the guesswork out of your rental decision). These rental nightmares ranked from bad to worst are a collection of some real world standouts from across the rental-scape. Sit back, tense up, and prepare to cringe. Let the countdown begin!

6. Up a Creek Without a Paddle

"My first apartment was awful. First floor and it was slightly underground. Whenever it would rain heavy for a few days, it would flood and they’d have to come and suck all the water out of our carpet...happened twice. Lock on the door to the building was always messed up, you never knew if you’d be able to get in or not. The air conditioner never worked. When I knew I was moving out...everyday up until I left, I’d piss on all the stuff in the closet. It was the least I could do to pay back my horrible landlord." Source

5. Throw Me a Frickin' Bone Here

"I once came home to a bunch of dog bones and treats laid out over all the tables and counters in my house. I didn't have a dog. I lived alone. No one else had a key. I called my landlord and she said she didn't enter my apartment. I never found out what happened because I moved out not long after but there was a creepy old man in the building who used to always try and get me to pet his dog so my bet is him." Source

4. That's Just Cold Blooded

"Heaters went out on my entire side of the building. Instead of having it fixed, management gave each family 1 space heater....in the middle of winter. A couple of us were smart though. They had just renovated, and had several apartments empty with brand new everything. We were on month-to-month leases, so we applied for the new apartments, which had all new carpet and appliances. They approved us, because they would get about $50 more a month, so they thought "yay more money for us." But they didn't think it through. Nobody wanted to rent the apartments with no heat. So they had to renovate those, fix the heaters, and put them on the market. Lost a &#$*@ ton of money!" Source

3. Duck, Duck, Goose!

"The upstairs neighbor decided to clean a duck in his sink. All the feathers and stuff made it's way down the pipe to just below mine where it plugged. I was gone for the weekend and came back to my kitchen flooded because every time they would use the sink it would run out my sink." Source

2. Buzz Worthy

"When I lived stateside I rented an apartment that seemed perfect. After about a week I noticed loads of small bugs in the bathroom, found they were coming from the plug. There were hundreds of them. I told the landlord and he did nothing what so ever. It got to the point where I packed my shit and just left. Also I couldn't put the air con on because there was a wasps nest in the thing. There were murderous screams when I found this out along with a lot of ninja moves and I upped my batting average." Source

1. Cat and Mouse Game

"Lived in a flat over a restaurant. Every night, the place was overrun with mice and the landlord / restaurant owner refused to do anything about it. Bought traps, laid down four every night; every morning they were full. Couldn't bear to empty the traps so bought new everyday and saved the used traps in a big bag. After a few weeks there was no sign of the mouse invasion reducing and I now had a bag with about 70 or eighty dead mice in it.

Found a new place and moved out secretly. Then, on the last night (a Saturday) I took the bag down to the restaurant with me while it was full of customers. Emptied out the bag on the main table in front of paying, eating guests. You can imagine the reaction. Made the local news and when I went round there a few days later the restaurant was closed and, as far as I know, still is." Source

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