Describe what you're looking for & we'll do the rest

Let your next home rental find you


Less Work

Stop wasting your precious time apartment hunting. Tell LIVV what you're looking for and our AI assistant will scour for you 24x7.

More Control

Don't settle for a subpar apartment just because it's available. LIVV analyzes each property inside and out to make sure it fits your exact preferences.

Fewer Misses

Never lose out on that perfect apartment again. LIVV notifies you of strong matches as soon as new home for rent get listed across the web.  

3 Steps to Home Sweet Home

Dream It

Love to entertain friends, cook elaborate meals, or work from home? Describe your dream home and your lifestyle just like you would if you were talking with a friend. Be as detailed and picky as you want.

Find it

Using artificial intelligence,
LIVV searches and analyzes homes for rent as soon as they come on the market - looking at things like photos, videos, descriptions, and public records to find your perfect match. 

Love it

Relax as LIVV delivers a curated list of homes directly to your inbox. Like what you see? Just click "interested" and we'll facilitate a showing to help you seal the deal before competing offers start pouring in.

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LIVV is the world's first AI powered apartment search assistant that's making it easier than ever to find & rent your ideal apartment, home or condo. Using advanced artificial intelligence, LIVV is able to understand home seeker preferences & analyze housing inventory the same way a human agent would - providing smart matches instantly.


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